Oleoduto nas montanhas do Canadá

A justiça suspende a construção de oleoduto através da Montanhas Rochosas. Segundo a corte de apelação do Canadá, as consequências ambientais deste projeto foram mal avaliadas.

O projeto de 7,4 bilhões de dólares canadences (4,8 bilhões de euros) de Kinder Morgan é, na realidade, o único projeto a curto prazo que propicia à indústria petroleira de Alberta, terceira reserva mundial de ouro negro do planeta, de escoar sua produção (em constante aumento), considerando que a rede de escoamento canadense de oleodutos atual está saturada.



Our main regrets before die

She takes care of terminal patients, and told which are five great regrets that her patients have in end of life. Ana Cláudia Arantes is a geriatric doctor graduates at USP and specialist in palliative care at Albert Einstein Israeli Hospital, São Paulo, Brazil.  “Do we have to get sick to change our lives?”

1 – Not having made my life story based on my choices. I chose to do things to please others. But now it’s not the others who die, it’s me. And then I wasted time doing what others wanted;
2 – I did not show affection. I hid my feelings. I did not love when I wanted to be loving. I was embarrassed because the other person could be convinced… or because she could misunderstand. This could make me weak. Or I did not say I was happy;
3 – I wish I had stayed more with my friends, because good or bad family everyone has, but the choices of friendship are more compatible with our history, with our feelings.
4 – Not to have worked so hard, because we have the illusion that we disconnect from life while we work. And we return to live after 6:00 pm, or on vacation, or at retirement. No, life does not turn off. We are living all the time. “Ah, I want my life back”. Know that your life has never gone away, it is the one you have now.
5 – I wish I could have made myself happier. It is a summary of the first four regrets.